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About The Schultz Creative

A video production house ready to take your brand places

The Schutlz Creative was founded in 2016 by Carl Schultz, a creative with experience in big-budget television shows and an education in marketing,  with one core mission:

Bridge the gap between content and brands.

And then nothing happened. Like all great ideas, it took some time to get off the ground. Carl continued on the mission working with agencies and production houses to produce numerous AFPs (Advertiser Funded Programs), commercials and documentaries up until the COVID pandemic forced a shift in the business model. 

The Schultz Creative saw that the agency model was stifling creativity and, in a budget-scarce environment, hurting the brands' bottom line. Carl launched into the unknown, turning The Schultz Creative into a full-blown production house that still serviced the agencies but could also accommodate brands directly without the complexity of an agency.

This unique model proved very attractive for national brands that were "too small" for traditional agencies to make financial sense but too big for a one-man show to handle.

Today we are a growing production house serving major national and international brands through their agencies and smaller national brands directly with various services. We also develop and produce unscripted entertainment and factual television, taking African-developed shows to the international market.


We are aiming for the stars, why not join us?

Established in 2016, we’re working on a more visual future

Your goal is our goal. 

Book an online meet-up call with us to talk about goals and videos.

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