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What We Do

We offer a wide range of services directly to brands and agencies. 

If we don't do it we will tell you who does.

We are Not an Agency.

We can help your brand reach the stars, with creative solutions that fit the budget.

Too often, we see the traditional agency try and tackle the new world, sometimes they succeed, but most often, they do not. The model is complex and outdated.  We believe complexity breeds inefficiency and reduces return, so The Schultz Creative is purposely small, agile and focused.

Your brand needs to be seen on TV, still the most powerful platform for brands of all sizes. We can get you there affordably. 

We provide a wide range of creative and production services directly to brands and agencies.

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What sets us apart

For the love of Television

The Schultz Creative has set out to change the business of creating television content and advertising.  We love television, be it advertising or content. It's not just a job for us; we genuinely love the creative process and specialise in it.

We advocate the omnichannel approach. Simply put, this means that we have seen the incredible effects that one marketing channel has on the other. For example, a television campaign is boosted by having a second screen experience on social media and vice versa; a social campaign can explode because of a television campaign. 

For this reason, we have sought out the best possible partners, specialists in their field that we integrate with on larger projects.

We pride ourselves on our radical honesty, even when it comes to costing projects. We work on fixed rates. We are at war with complexity and do not want to create mistrust and potentially ruin good relationships with billable hours. We do not mark up partner costs, usage fees, delivery services, or items that we do not create or add value. 

When creating television formats, we are a member of FRAPA and adhere to their code of conduct. We are on a mission to develop and distribute African television creative that can travel the world, ultimately uplifting our industry in a sustainable and impactful way.

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